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Rhetoric Society Quarterly is published in the months of January, April, July, October and December by Taylor & Francis Group for the Rhetoric Society of America. RSQ invites article-length manuscripts on all areas of rhetorical studies, including theory, history, criticism, and pedagogy.

Readers of RSQ are rhetoricians working in communication, composition, English, history, philosophy, politics, classics, and other allied fields. Consequently, RSQ publishes work that advances a shared understanding of a multi-disciplinary field.


From Article II, RSA Constitution:

Applications for editorship will be made to a subcommittee of the Board called The Editorial Review Committee, which shall be composed of the President, a Member-At-Large, and a member of the Board. The Editorial Review Committee shall announce, solicit, and review applications and make recommendations to the Board, who shall have the authority to appoint the Editor or Coeditors. An Editor or Coeditors shall be appointed for a four-year term through the authorization of the Board and, if appropriate, reappointed for (a) similar term(s) after a review by the Board. The Editor or Coeditors of RSQ may have their appointment terminated before the four-year period by no less than a three-fourths vote of the Board.

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Copyrights & Permissions


Authors transfer copyright to the Rhetoric Society of America but retain the following specific rights: to make further copies of their work for use in classroom teaching, to reuse their work in a compilation of their own works or a textbook that they author, and to make copies for internal distribution within their institutions of employment. Such uses should credit the original publication in RSQ, including the copyright date.

Permission for other uses may be requested through the Copyright Clearance Center's online service. For articles published in 2006 or later, there will be a direct link from the article abstract on the publisher's Informaworld site site. For guidance on uses requiring permission, please see the Author Rights document linked from the Taylor & Francis RSQ page (see menu on left, under Author Resources).

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Third parties

Permission for third parties to use copyrighted material from RSQ may be requested by emailing phrlpermissions@taylorandfrancis.com. Please specify the article, author, volume number, pages, type of intended use, and expected publication date. A permission fee may be charged for commercial uses. Authors will be consulted about third-party use of their work before permission is given, and any permission fee will be evenly divided between RSA and the author.