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RSQ Volume 44
Number 3

Special Issue 2014

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Vivian, Bradford
2014, 44:3, pages 204-219
Witnessing Time Rhetorical Form, Public Culture, and Popular Historical Education

Jarratt, Susan
2014, 44:3, pages 220-233
Untimely History? Foucault’s “Greco-Latin Trip”

Kellner, Hans
2014, 44:3, pages 234-242
Is History Ever Timely?

Ballif, Michelle
2014, 44:3, pages 243-255
Writing the Event: The Impossible Possibility for Historiography

Sutton, Jane
2014, 44:3, pages 256-270
Haunted by a Peacock: Discovering, Testing, and Generating Rhetoric in Untimely Ways

Vitanza, Victor
2014, 44:3, pages 271-286
Imagine A Re-Thinking of Historiographies (of Rhetorics) as Atemporal, Anachronistic Post-Cinematic Practices

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