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RSA14 Research Network: Sharing Work-in-Progress

RSA14 Research Network: Sharing Work-in-Progress

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The Research Network will once again be held at the 2014 RSA Conference in San Antonio. The purpose of the Research Network is to provide newer members of our profession, especially graduate students, with an opportunity to share a work-in-progress paper in a 165-minute group session conducted by a senior scholar in the field. For our 2014 RSA Conference, the senior scholars include:

  • Lois Agnew (Syracuse University)
  • Robert Asen (University of Wisconsin)
  • Michelle Ballif (University of Georgia)
  • Jeff Bennett (University of Iowa)
  • Leah Ceccarelli (University of Washington)
  • Davida Charney (University of Texas-Austin)
  • Ralph Cintrón (University of Illinois-Chicago)
  • Anne Demo (Syracuse University)
  • Christine Farris (Indiana University)
  • Lisa Flores (University of Colorado)
  • Andrea Lunsford (Stanford University)
  • John Murphy (University of Illinois)
  • Jenny Rice (University of Kentucky)
  • Art Walzer (University of Minnesota)
  • Kirt Wilson (Penn State University)

Applications. To participate in the Research Network, submit an online application by November 29, 2013. Also feel free to contact Kendall Phillips with any questions:

You will be asked to include the following information in your application email:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The name of your educational institution
  • A ranked list of 3 of the scholars listed above with whom you would like to work
  • A title of your dissertation chapter or article draft, plus number of pages
  • A 200-word abstract of your chapter or article draft  

CLICK HERE to submit your application.

Acceptances. If accepted, participants will be assigned (in groups of six) to a senior scholar who will lead a sessions on May 24, which is the Saturday morning of the conference. Lunch is included. The senior scholar will contact those accepted for her/his group by early December. At that time, the senior scholar will inform participants of the process and the deadline for sharing drafts among group participants. Each participant will be expected to read and be prepared to discuss the drafts of all participants. The senior scholar will also provide further instructions for the session as the conference approaches.

The RSA 2014 Research Network is sponsored by the
Penn State University Press
, publishers of

  • the new book series, The RSA Series in Transdisciplinary Rhetoric, edited by Michael Bernard-Donals, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Leah Ceccarelli, University of Washington
  • the Rhetoric and Democratic Deliberation book series, edited by Cheryl Glenn and J. Michael Hogan, Penn State University, and
  • the Philosophy & Rhetoric journal, edited by Gerard Hauser, University of Colorado Boulder

Notification of acceptances will be made in mid-December.

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