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RSA - First Semi-Annual Graduate Student Webinar

We are pleased to announce that Clemson University’s Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design Doctoral Program (RCID) will host the first semi-annual Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Graduate Student Webinar.

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The Webinar presents an opportunity for interested RSA student members and scholars across the country to participate in a collaborative web seminar. RCID’s Webinar will coincide with the delivery of the Keynote Address at the 5th Annual 2012 Carolina Rhetoric Conference at Clemson University. Dr. Cynthia Haynes (Clemson English) will deliver the Keynote Address on February 17, 2012, at 3:30 pm EST.

In this keynote presentation, “Open Source Rhetorics,” Dr. Haynes will explore the potentials and limitations of (inter)media as a means of transdisciplinary invention. Dr. Haynes grounds her talk in an examination of the Rhetoric Society of America’s efforts to create online communities through its Blog and Facebook (and now, Webinar) presences. In reflecting upon her experience as a blogger for the RSA Blogora, Dr. Haynes will consider how the next steps and new technologies that move us beyond the blog platform will impact online community building across disciplines, as well as how such steps represent and require a rethinking of rhetoric as “open source.”

The text and visuals of the Keynote Address will be presented in real-time in the Literary Worlds MOO platform as well as on Twitter at #crc12 (our Twitter profile is CRC_2012). Participants will be afforded not just a multimedia viewing experience, but the chance to interact with other viewers and session monitors as well as to ask direct questions of Dr. Haynes after the talk has finished in the MOO and on Twitter. A video recording of the presentation will be immediately available online in order to continue the conversation. A transcript of the Twitter conversation will also be posted.

Instructions for participation and other details about the webinar will be forthcoming the week of the event.

We encourage any interested individuals to follow us on Facebook at RSA Webinar - CRC 2012 - Clemson University to receive additional posts or Twitter tags for group participation and other social media participation outlets.

Information on Webinar participation will also be posted to the 2012 Carolina Rhetoric Conference webpage. Please visit us at http://carolinarhetoricconference.wordpress.com/webinar/

Any questions or comments about the Webinar or the CRC can be sent to clemsoncrc2012@gmail.com care of Steve Holmes, Public Relations Chair and Webinar co-facilitator.


Steven Keoni Holmes (Clemson University, RCID Program)
Stephen J. Lind (CRC Chair, Clemson University RCID Program)
Glen Southergill (CRC Webinar host, Clemson University, RCID Program)
Jennifer Keohane (RSA Graduate Student Representative, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Kendall Gerdes (RSA Graduate Student Representative, University of Texas, Austin)

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