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Top Cited RSQ Articles in 2010

Top Cited RSQ Articles in 2010 

Taylor & Francis, publisher of Rhetoric Society Quarterly, has passed along the following information from Thompson-Reuters Journal Citation Reports indicating the most highly cited RSQ articles in 2010. Congratulations to these authors on publishing highly cited articles! 

Pragmatism and the Methodology of Comparative Rhetoric
Scott R. Stroud, RSQ 39:4 (2009)

Black Jewish Identity Conflict: A Divided Universal Audience and the Impact of Dissociative Disruption
Janice W. Fernheimer, RSQ 39:1 (2009)

Toward a Theory of Verbal-Visual Interaction: The Example of Lavoisier
Alan G. Gross, RSQ 39:2 (2009)

Casta Painting and the Rhetorical Body
Christa Olson, RSQ 39:4 (2009)

From Viruses to Russian Roulette to Dance: A Rhetorical Critique and Creation of Genetic Metaphors
Marita Gronnvol & Jamie Landau, RSQ 40:1 (2010) 

Carolyn Miller, RSQ Editor

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