Complete Story

RSQ Volume 51,
Number 5

Fall 2021, 51.5

Please click on the authors’ names below to view the article abstracts for the Fall 2021 Issue:

VIVIAN, Bradford
Fall 2021, pages: 361-376
The Incitement: An Account of Language, Power, and Fascism

RANDALL, Liam Caelyn
Fall 2021, pages: 377-391
Consent as Rhetorical Ability in “The Strange Case of Anna Stubblefield”

LARSON, Stephanie R.
Fall 2021, pages: 392-406
The Rhetoricity of Fat Stigma: Mental Disability, Pain, and Anorexia Nervosa

JOHNSON, Gavin P.; GUADRÓN, Melissa; HAMBRICK, Keira; HASHLAMON, Yanar; KONEVAL, Addison and TESTON, Christa
Fall 2021, pages: 407-421
Responding to the Investigative Pivots of Rhetoric Research

Fall 2021, pages: 422-438
Nostalgic Design: Making Memories in the Rhetoric Classroom

SCHULES, Douglas
Fall 2021, pages: 439-454The Rhetoric of Game Practices: Go and Discursive Control in Tokugawa Japan



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