Complete Story

RSQ Volume 51,
Number 3

Special Issue 2021

Please click on the authors’ names below to view the article abstracts for the 2021 Special Summer Issue:

BJORK, Collin and BUHRE, Frida
Summer 2021, pp. 177-181
Introduction to the Special Issue: Resisting Temporal Regimes, Imagining Just Temporalities

GOMEZ, Logan Rae
Summer 2021, pp. 182-192
Temporal Containment and the Singularity of Anti-Blackness: Saying Her Name in and across Time

DAVIS, Diane
Summer 2021, pp. 193-203
Rhetoricity, Temporality, Democratic Nonequivalence

LAZAR, Moni Claire
Summer 2021, pp. 204-214
Utopian Rhetoric Has a Pleasure Problem

JOHNSON, Nathan R. and JOHNSON, Meredith A.
Summer 2021, pp. 215-226
Time and the Making of Space in Urban Development

BUHRE, Frida and BJORK, Collin
Summer 2021, pp. 227-236
Braiding Time: Sami Temporalities for Indigenous Justice

ORE, Ersula
Summer 2021, pp. 237-239
Afterword: The Lost Cause, Trump Time, and the Necessity of Impatience

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