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RSA Nominating Committee Invites Your Suggestions

RSA Nominating Committee Invites Your Suggestions 

This is an election year for RSA.  The Nominating Committee, composed of Cara Finnegan, Jeff Walker, and Jack Selzer, will be proposing candidates for seats on the Board of Directors.  Two candidates will be nominated for each position.  Two of the seats are reserved for students.  Student Board members serve a two-year term; others serve a four-year term. 

The Nominating Committee invites you to suggest RSA members who you think would make a strong contribution to the Society by serving on the Board, which is the policy-making body of RSA.  Self-nominations are welcome.  The Board includes individuals at different stages of their careers and drawn from different academic disciplines.  The Board meets twice per year and there are modest responsibilities between meetings.  Board members are expected to attend the RSA Biennial Conference. 

If you would like to propose someone, including yourself, please e-mail Nominating Committee Chair Jack Selzer with the name of your proposed candidate and a paragraph describing the person’s background and explaining why he or she would be a strong choice.  This information will be of most use if it is received no later than February 10, 2011. 

Jack Selzer
Immediate Past President
RSA Nominating Committee Chair

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