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RSQ Volume 50,
Number 4

Summer 2020

Please click on the authors’ names below to view the article abstracts for the Summer 2020 issue:

WALKER, Kenneth
Summer 2020, 50.4, pages: 225-239
Divergence and Diplomacy as a Pluriversal Rhetorical Praxis of Coalitional Politics

WANG, Zhaozhe
Summer 2020, 50.4, pages: 240-253
Activist Rhetoric in Transnational Cyber-Public Spaces: Toward a Comparative Materialist Approach

CRYER, Daniel A.
Summer 2020, 50.4, pages: 254-267
The Good Man Shooting Well: Authoritarian Submission and Aggression in the “Gun-Citizen”

Summer 2020, 50.4, pages: 268-282
A Rhetoric of Walking and Reading: Immersion in Environmental Ambient Literature

Summer 2020, 50.4, pages:  283-296
Engendering Progress, Contesting Narratives: Women’s Labor Rhetorics at the 1907 Chicago Industrial Exhibit

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