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RSQ Volume 50,
Number 2

Spring 2020

Please click on the authors’ names below to view the article abstracts for the Spring 2020 issue:

SMITH, Emily N.
Spring 2020, 50.2, pages: 79-92
A View from the Hill: “One Shot” Harris and the Pittsburgh Courier

GARCÍA, Romeo & José M. Cortez
Spring 2020, 50.2, pages: 93-108
The Trace of a Mark That Scatters: The Anthropoi and the Rhetoric of Decoloniality

CROSBY, Richard Benjamin
Spring 2020, 50.2, pages: 109-123
On the Rhetorical Grotesque: A Mode for Strange Times

EARLE, Chris S.
Spring 2020, 50.2, pages: 124-138
“More Resilient than Concrete and Steel”: Consciousness-Raising, Self-Discipline, and Bodily Resistance in Solitary Confinement

LEMESURIER, Jennifer Lin
Spring 2020, 50.2, pages: 139-151
Winking at Excess: Racist Kinesiologies in Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”

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