Complete Story

RSQ Volume 50,
Number 1

Winter 2020

Please click on the authors’ names below to view the article abstracts for the Winter 2020 issue:

MANTHEY, Dominic
Winter 2020, 50.1, pages: 3-18
A Violent Peace and America’s Copperhead Legacy

YAM, Shui-yin Sharon
Winter 2020, 50.1, pages: 19-34
Visualizing Birth Stories from the Margin: Toward a Reproductive Justice Model of Rhetorical Analysis

PHILLIPS, Kendall R. & Connah Podmore
Winter 2020, 50.1, pages: 35-52
The Scale of Our Memory: Spectacle in the Commemoration of Gallipoli

Winter 2020, 50.1, pages: 53-68
“A Social Movement in Fact”: La Raza and El Plan de Delano

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