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RSQ Volume 40
Number 4

Fall 2010

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ENGELS, Jeremy
Fall 2010, 40:4
The Politics of Resentment and the Tyranny of the Minority: Rethinking Victimage for Resentful Times

HASKINS, Ekaterina V. and ZAPPEN, James P.
Fall 2010: 40:4
Totalitarian Visual “Monologue”: Reading Soviet Posters with Bakhtin

HARTELIUS, E. Johanna and ASENAS, Jennifer
Fall 2010: 40:4
Citational Epideixis and a “Thinking of Community”: The Case of the Minuteman Project

BIZZELL, Patricia
Fall 2010: 40:4
Chastity Warrants for Women Public Speakers in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction

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