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RSQ Volume 49,
Number 5

Winter 2019

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Winter 2019, 49.5, pages 447–469
The Rhetorical Resistance of Tiny Homes: Downsizing Neoliberal Capitalism

Winter 2019, 49.5, pages 470–494
Revisiting Missions: Decolonizing Public Memories in California

Winter 2019, 49.5, pages 495–516
Deliberative Topoi and the Pull of the Future: Bridging Disparate Visions of Dresden Elbe Valley

LARSON, Kyle R., and McHENRY, George F. (Guy) Jr.
Winter 2019, 49.5, pages 517–541
Parasitic Publics

CARTER, Jonathan S
Winter 2019, 49.5, pages 542–565
Transindividuating Nodes: Rhetoric as the Architechnical Organizer of Networks

DETWEILER, Eric, and WILLIAMS, Elizabeth McGhee
Winter 2019, 49.5, pages 566–582
A Living Rhetorical Enterprise: The RSA Oral History Initiative


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