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RSQ Volume 48,
Number 2

Summer 2018

Please click on the authors’ names below to view the article abstracts for the Summer 2018 issue:

Summer 2018, 48.2, pages 119-138
“Tweet Me Your First Assaults”: Writing Shame and the Rhetorical Work of #NotOkay

CAREY, Tamika L.
Summer 2018, 48.2, pages 139-160
A Tightrope of Perfection: The Rhetoric and Risk of Black Women’s Intellectualism on Display in Television and Social Media

GUNN, Joshua
Summer 2018, 48.2, pages 161-186
On Political Perversion

MATHESON, Calum Lister
Summer 2018, 48.2, pages 187-206
Psychotic Discourse: The Rhetoric of the Sovereign Citizen Movement

FRANK, David A. and WooSoo PARK
Summer 2018, 48.2, pages 207-226
Syngman Rhee, Robert T. Oliver, and the Symbolic Construction of the Republic of Korea during the Global Cold War

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