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RSQ Volume 46, Number 5

Winter 2016

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Winter 2016, 46.5, pages 381-409
“A Mining Town Needs Brothels”: Gossip and the Rhetoric of Sex Work in a Wild West Mining Community

YAM, Shui-yin Sharon
Winter 2016, 46.5, pages 410-433
Affective Economies and Alienizing Discourse: Citizenship and Maternity Tourism in Hong Kong

JOHNSON, Timothy
Winter 2016, 46.5, pages 434-458
Paving the Way to Prosperity: Ford Motor Company’s Films, Interstitial Rhetoric, and the Production of Economic Space in the Interwar Period

Winter 2016, 46.5, pages 465-485
Revisiting Edwin Black: Exhortation as a Prelude to Emotional-Material Rhetoric

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