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2008 Kneupper Award

2008 Kneupper Award

Rhetoric Society Quarterly is pleased to announce that the Kneupper Award for the best article in the 2008 volume of the journal is awarded to 

James Fredal, "Why Shouldn't the Sophists Charge Fees?" in 38: 2, pp. 148-170. 

The award committee, Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Barry Brummett, and Jeanne Fahnestock, commended this essay for making a fresh argument about an old question and for showing the cultural significance of the ancient complaint about sophistic teaching. The essay places sophistic practice against the gift culture that prevailed among the Greek aristocracy, involving the exchange of favors and tokens of loyalty for advantage and power. By contrast, the sophists' open commercialism demystified and democratized such exchanges and allowed a collective valuation of rhetorical skill. 

This award is given each year in memory of Charles Kneupper, 1949-1989, who was a faculty member at the University of Texas at Arlington. An active member of RSA and mentor to many graduate students in rhetoric, Charles initiated and organized the earliest biennial RSA conferences at Arlington.

This announcement will also appear in the spring issue of RSQ, which is now in press. 

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