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RSQ Volume 45
Number 4

Fall 2015

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Cope, Emily Murphy
2015, 45:4, pages 279-299
“Inspiration of Delivery”: John A. Broadus and the Evangelical Underpinnings of Extemporaneous Oratory

Cloud, Dana L. and Kathleen Eaton Feyh
2015, 45:4, pages 300-323
Reason in Revolt: Emotional Fidelity and Working Class Standpoint in the “Internationale”

Herrington, Dana
2015, 45:4, pages  324-345
Developing Democratic Dispositions: Eighteenth-Century Public Debating Societies and the Generative Capacity of Decorum

Dougherty, Timothy R.
2015, 45:04, pages 346-368
Lost in TransNation: The Limits to Constitutive Nationalism in the Fenian Movement


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