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RSQ Volume 45
Number 3

Special Issue 2015

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De los Santos, René Agustín
2015, 45:03, pages 199-211
“The Future of our History”: Rhetorics of Transformation and Power in Plutarco Elías Calles’ 1928 Informe

Romano, Susan
2015, 45:03, pages 212-224
Orality and Presence: Relational Rhetorics in Latin American Contexts

De Miranda Nogueira Coelho, Maria Cecília
2015, 45:3, pages 225-236
António Vieira between Greeks, Romans and Brazilians—Comments on Rhetoric and the Jesuit Tradition in Brazil

Romney, Abraham
2015, 45:3, pages 237-249
Rhetoric from the Margins: Juan Francisco Manzano’s Autobiografía de un esclavo

Vitale, María Alejandra
2015, 45:3, pages 250-263
Legitimizing Leadership: Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s 2007 Inaugural Address

Olson, Christa J.
2015, 45:3, pages 264-277
“But in regard to these (the American) continents”: US National Rhetorics and the Figure of Latin America

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