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RSQ Volume 39
Number 4

Fall 2009

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OLSON, Christa
Fall 2009, 39:4, pages 304-330
Casta Painting and the Rhetorical Body 

Fall 2009, 39:4, pages 331-352
Dancing Attitudes in Wartime: Kenneth Burke and General Semantics  

STROUD, Scott R.
Fall 2009, 39:4, pages 353-379
Pragmatism and the Methodology of Comparative Rhetoric

GUNN, Joshua, REITMEYER, Morgan; BLAKESLEY. David; COVINA, William A.
Fall 2009, 39:4, pages 380-387
Comment:  Get Agrippa: A Comment on Chris Miles's "Occult Retraction"

MILES, Chris 
Fall 2009, 39:4, pages 387-392
Response: Quick Game of Rho-Sham-Bo with the Four Horsemen of the Apophasis

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