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RSQ Volume 45
Number 2

Summer 2015

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Poirot, Kristan, and Shevaun E. Watson
2015, 45:02, pages 91-116
Memories of Freedom and White Resilience: Place, Tourism, and Urban Slavery

Colombini, Crystal Broch
2015, 45:02, pages 117-137
Speaking Confidence: Bubble Denial as Market Authoritative Rhetorical Decorum

Molloy, Cathryn
2015, 45:2, pages 138-163
Recuperative Ethos and Agile Epistemologies: Toward a Vernacular Engagement with Mental Illness Ontologies

Branch, Erin L.
2015, 45:2, pages 164-184
“Taste Analytically”: Julia Child’s Rhetoric of Cultivation

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