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Webinar Lecture with Dr. Michael Hyde March 27th


On March 27th, Dr. Michael Hyde is delivering a lecture at the University of Pittsburgh that will be available to a remote audience as a live webinar via online streaming and concurrent social media chats.

Dr. Hyde is the Distinguished Chair of Communication Ethics at Wake Forest University and will be discussing his forthcoming book: The Interruption That We Are: Communication Ethics, the Lived Body, and Our Posthuman Future

The lecture and webinar are hosted by the Department of Communication and the RSA Student Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh. We will moderate the online discussion and include questions from the remote audience in the Q&A session. 

Key details: 

-- Live streaming begins on Friday, March 27th at 3:00 PM (EDT) 

-- Webinar:

-- Twitter: #HydeAtPitt

If you have questions about tuning in or participating remotely, please email us at 

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