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RSQ Volume 30 Number 3

Summer 2000

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HASKINS,Ekaterina V. 
Summer 2000, pages 7-33
Mimesis Between Poetics and Rhetoric: Performance Culture and Civic Education in Plato, Isocrates, and Aristotle

Summer 2000, pages 35-54
Luther's Use of Doublets

Summer 2000, pages 55-72
Religion, Science and Rhetoric in Revolutionary America: the Case of Dr. Benjamin Rush

HARPINE,William D. 
Summer 2000, pages 73-90
Playing to the Press in McKinley's Front Porch Campaign: the Early Weeks of a Nineteenth-Century Pseudo-Event

Summer 2000, pages 92-104
Distinguishing Formative and Receptive Contexts in the Disciplinary Formation of Composition Studies: A Response to Mailloux

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