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ENOCH, Jessica

Summer 2005, pages 5 -30

Survival Stories: Feminist Historiographic Approaches to Chicana Rhetorics of Sterilization Abuse

ABSTRACT: "Survival Stories" examines the Chicana sterilization abuse case Madrigal v. Quilligan by taking up four historiographic approaches. three are recognized in feminist rhetorical scholarship; the fourth offers a methodological strategy to the field. Through this process, this essay makes several contributions to rhetorical study. It presents an example of Chicana feminist rhetoric and an inroad to this rhetorical tradition. It contextualizes the arguments made by the women in Madrigal v. Quilligan and exposes the strategies used by the judge to dismiss their claims. Finally, this essay proposes a historiographic practice that presses the limits of the rhetorical situation and investigates how these Chicanas' rhetorics survived.

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