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RSQ Volume 44
Number 1

Spring 2014

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VanHaitsma, Pamela Issue
2014, 44:1, pages 6-25
Queering the Language of the Heart: Romantic Letters, Genre Instruction, and Rhetorical Practice

Stob, Paul
2014, 44:1, pages 25-45
The Rhetoric of Individualism and the Creation of Community: A View from William James’s ‘‘The Will to Believe’’

McClish, Glen
2014, 44:1, pages 46-67
‘‘To Furnish Specimens of Negro Eloquence’’: William J. Simmons’s Men of Mark as a Site of Late-Nineteenth-Century African American Rhetorical Education

Wetzel, Grace
2014, 44:1, pages 68-93
Winifred Black’s Teacherly Ethos: The Role of Journalism in Late-Nineteenth-century Rhetorical Education


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