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RSA Summer Institute Graduate Development Award

This award is designed for participants to build their scholarly expertise, collaborate and network with scholars in their areas of interest, and develop their scholarly projects. It is intended specifically for graduate student registrants to the Institute, and its purpose is to support the work that participants initiated at the Institute. Applicants may propose projects such as article/dissertation development; archival research; qualitative/quantitative data collection, collaborative work or writing groups; digital projects; special journal issue proposals; conference panels. Special consideration will be given to BIPOC emerging scholars and projects that engage inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

Award amounts will be $400 per application; 20 awards will be granted. Submit a cover letter and proposal of no more than 500 words to, and we’ll be accepting applications until July 1, 2021. These awards were made possible by the RSA Development council, the Leff and Lauer funds, and through the support of the Department of English at the University of Maryland, the Graduate School and departments of Communication and Rhetorical Studies and Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition at Syracuse University. 

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